Parker Scott

Ridgewood HS (NJ) – Class of 2018 || Rutgers Baseball Commit

"I began working out with Mark Lowy in late March, in the months prior to meeting with Mark about training I had been doing ongoing physical therapy following doctor visits regarding an injury I had sustained during football season on my throwing shoulder.  After meeting with Mark he determined the best route for me to take, and did assessments on my mobility to find the best possible option for me to regain strength and stability in my shoulder. Mark developed various workouts that were personalized for me and my goals as a future collegiate athlete.  My workouts have dramatically changed compared to what I had been doing on my own, as he has me focused on baseball specific instruction and arm care. The exercises that I have been doing have greatly improve my shoulder and have helped me gain strength in all facets of my body composition. Mark has expertise in the subject of sports and baseball specific training, and he has the knowledge and know how to take any athlete to the next level.  He shows a willingness to go the extra mile for his clients waking up for 6am for workouts at my high school and helping my teammates follow their own personalized programs. He has explained his process and what he intends to change as the season progresses. Mark always offers explanations and has every answer to every question regarding both the workouts and any pain or discomfort. He knows in depth what he is doing and takes the time to make sure that you know why you are doing workouts a certain way.  He is a very personable trainer who gets along and relates well with younger athletes. Mark is someone who I trust to help me get in the right shape for baseball season and properly prepare me for Division 1 baseball next year at Rutgers."

Ryan Carr

Notre Dame University Baseball – Class of 2022 || Don Bosco Alum

"I want to let you know how impressed I have been with the overall training routine at GAINS. I was hesitant at first because Ryan's trainer is very, very good. But I figured we should give GAINS a shot and I'm glad we did. From strength training, to stretching, to agility work, to core work, to proper eating, to working on weaknesses, to hitting, to throwing, et al. I could go on and on but you get the idea. And the staff holds Ryan accountable. That is very important for a boy who will soon be on his own."

  • Jim Carr, father of Ryan Carr

Jake Denner

Bergen Catholic (NJ) – Class of 2019 || University of Michigan Commit

“I watched Jake’s total workout today. Have to tell you I'm totally impressed with it all. Really amazing. Thanks for opening GAINS.”
  • Evan Denner, father of Jake Denner