GAINS Membership

The ultimate baseball player development program that encompasses both skill development and strength training in order to mold the complete player. Much like at the collegiate and pro levels we have an integrated plan that combines a personalized physical assessment, individualized strength program, and individualized skill development program to ensure that each player reaches their highest level.

All Skills Youth Camp (Summer 2019)

Summer 2019 - $195.00 per week


This program is for players (ages 8-14) interested in advancing their physical baseball skills and learning to play the game the correct way! We will cover hitting and defensive drills as well as the mental approach to the game.

ECHO Membership

This monthly program is for the serious athlete. The program starts with a personalized physical assessment which leads to an individualized strength program.

  • 4x a week training (No Skillwork)

College Development Program

Aimed at committed high school Seniors and returning college players this offering is the perfect blend of development and game action to get you ready for when you arrive to campus for fall ball next season.

  • Personalized physical assessment
  • Individualized strength program (3-4 / wk)
  • Skill development sessions (3-4 / wk)
  • On-field practice run by college coaches
  • Live game reps & scrimmages
  • Video sessions to aid in the player development process
  • GAINS gear

Strength & Conditioning

  • One-on-one training with a coach
  • Partner training with a friend
  • Small group training with 3 to 5 people

Adult Training

  • One on One training
  • Partner training  with a friend

Cage Rentals

Whether it’s for your personal use or an entire team you can rent our cages or turf areas for training purposes including:

  • Batting practice
  • Bullpens
  • General turf area

Team Training

Have your players work with our coaches to make sure they are getting the very best training in preparation for your upcoming season.

  • Minimum of 10 to 15 players for S&C and Skill training
  • Minimum of 10 to 15 players for S&C work only

Showcase & Camps

These events provide a stage and format that increases each player’s exposure to the college coaches. We create and promote an environment that focuses on YOU not the number of players. Our showcases / camps will increase your exposure to the “right” audience of college coaches and improve your college opportunities.

  • November 10 - 11 - Two Sessions
  • 12pm - 9pm
  • 9am - 6pm

College Coaches Evaluations

We are taking the camp evaluation experience to the next level. This unique one on one format will get you familiar with the expectations of a student-athlete in college, refine and improve your skill set, allow for unrestricted interaction with the college coach, and gain incredible lessons to improve your skill set from the leading college coaches in America.  (READ MORE)